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It’s not about just “having” a new website, a Facebook page, “the Twitter” or any other online marketing tool. It’s about USING them to get the results you want. We know which tools work best and how to use them to deliver real value. We help you increase the amount of revenue you bring in and reduce the cost of customer acquisition. 


Attract Visitors

Attract more visitors to your website


Convert Leads

Convert more visitors to leads


Close Sales

Close more sales


Delight Customers

Delight more Customers





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Tony Capucille

Andy and his team understand our needs and always deliver world-class solutions.”

Tony Capucille
Chief Sales Officer
Heartland Payment Systems

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Managing all of your online marketing efforts is hard work. You need to attract the right visitors, publish content, rank higher in search engines, convert visitors to leads, etc… there’s a lot that goes into it. Schedule a free consultation and inbound marketing assessment today.

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Why NovSun?

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More than just great design, as an inbound marketing agency, we offer a marketing strategy that works. Our inbound strategy will help you attract visitors to your website, convert those visitors to leads, close those leads and delight your customers.

Designers are a dime a dozen. Finding great design is like finding a needle in a haystack. And make no mistake, great design will take your business and brand to a new level. All of our services include in-house world-class design, including; logo design, video and animation, website design, content creation and blogging.

These days every strategy, every marketing channel, every website has its own technology, its own best practices, and its own bleeding edge. Keeping up with all of it while avoiding the bleeding edge takes a lot of work. We have partnered with They help to help keep us sharp and provide the software to manage content, channels and marketing performance while delivering a 360 degree view of prospects, leads and customers from one dashboard.





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73% of executives don’t believe that marketers are focused enough on results to truly drive incremental customer demand. If the majority of executives think marketing programs lack credibility, it simply doesn’t make sense to bombard them with metrics that don’t indicate bottom-line impact. You’ve got to narrow your focus to a short list of hits that will be music to their ears.

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