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5 Reasons For A Website Design Makeover

By Andy Mullins on February 21, 2015 in Website Design
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How do you know when it’s time to redesign your website?

On average businesses redesign their site about every 3-4 years. Is it time to redesign your site? A good web design agency can run an audit of your website to help you decide. But, the short list below can help you and your team manage an in-house review.

Similar to maintaining a car; you may need a paint job, a tune-up, an engine overhaul or it could be time to replace it. This list will help you pinpoint exactly what you need.


 1) A Little Body Work & A Paint Job?

Does your website design need an aesthetic makeover?

“With websites becoming increasingly attractive and including more trimmings, this creates a greater feeling of trustworthiness and professionalism in online consumers.” Dr. Brent Coker, THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE    11 JUL 2011

Over 2500 online shoppers were polled in this study that found that participants made comments on design and website’s look and feel more than on any other factor in deciding a website’s/company’s trustworthiness online.

First and foremost these days; how does it look on mobile devices? Is it responsive? Mobile makes up a significant percentage of visitors. If visitors can’t navigate your site, you will miss out on a lot of opportunity for new business.

Does your site look old or outdated? First impressions count. You only have a few seconds to convince visitors to stick around. Still not sure? Has it been four years+ since your last website makeover? If so, it’s probably time for an update. Most of us don’t have laptops that are four years old.

mobile responsive website designHave you’ve made changes to your logo/brand not reflected on your website? Have your business focus changed? Your website should be an up to date and accurate reflection of your company.

Have your employees complained that your competitor’s site looks better or has recently had a refresh?

Is your website difficult to navigate? The way visitors browse websites changes over time. Mobile browsing is an excellent example. Keeping up with user experience is essential to making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for on your site.


2) Engine Overhaul?

Does your website need a software or CMS upgrade?

Is your site on a CMS (content management system)? Is it easy to add or edit content on your site? Many content management systems are free and are a must if you want to keep your site current and relevant.

Is your content management system software current? CMS for Website DesignTechnology changes rapidly, your site should be built on software that is easy to update. Staying current ensures you have the latest functionality, the most flexibility and best security.

I’ve heard some businesses say that they don’t care if their site is secure because they don’t store any customer information online. What they don’t know is stolen data is not the only threat. Truth is; if someone hacks your site you may not know until a big red, “This Site May Be Hacked” headline shows up on your Google listing. Ouch. It’s best to be proactive.


3) Oil Change, Fuel & New Tires?

Do you need to add new content or blog?

Has your business focus, products or services changed? Blog website designYour website should be an up to date and accurate reflection of your company.

Is your content informative and compelling?

Does your content have grammar and spelling errors?

Do you have landing pages, calls-to-action or forms to capture leads on your site?

Do you have a blog on your site? Are you blogging and posting to social media on a regular basis?

Have you connected social media links for following and sharing content?


4) Need to Check Your Gauges?

Analytics & On-Page SEO

Do you know how many people are on your site every day?analytics & website design

Do you have a way to measure conversions on your site?

Have you done “on page” SEO for your site?

If you’ve answered no to these, there are great tools available to help with on page SEO. If you are using WordPress for content management, the Yoast SEO Plugin is an excellent tool. Google Analytics is a great place to start to track traffic and conversions.


5) Are You Online to Win?

Why Redesign?

Having a website design that looks good,goals website design is built on the right software, has the right content and analytics will give you a solid foundation for developing online marketing campaigns and reaching your marketing and sales goals.

Do you plan to take the NEXT STEPS to be successful online? If not, there may not be a reason worthy of your investment of time, money and effort to redesign your website.


The Next Steps:

6) Goals & Strategies

Are you getting the results you want from your website?

Do you have specific goals in place for your site?

Attract More Traffic?

Convert More Leads?

Close More Sales?

Do you have strategies in place to accomplish those goals?

A professional inbound marketing plan can help you reach marketing goals and deliver a measurable ROI.



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