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November Sundays

"Certain Sundays in November..." - Hard Candy - Counting Crows

November Sundays


November in Oklahoma brings to mind sites and smells that evoke memories and emotion. The weather turns cold and crisp, the leaves change color, and life slows down for just a moment before the Christmas Season begins.  The only thing more extraordinary than November in Green Country is the Sunday’s that accompany it.  Our focus turns to God, family, football, good food and naps in the recliner. November Sundays represents the heart of our Oklahoma values. When it’s shortened to Novsun, it has a more “techy” feel representing the technology that is at the core of our industry.



1) Make Your Brand Look Good
2) Attract More Visitors, Convert more leads, Close more deals and Delight your customers





Andy Mullins – Principal

I have 20 years experience helping businesses grow and look good. My wife Kristy and I have 4 great kids and live in Broken Arrow, OK. I love hanging out at the lake, spending time with my family and coaching youth wrestling and football.

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