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6 Compelling Ways To Educate Buyers & Convert Leads Online

By Andy Mullins on March 10, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Lead Conversion, list building
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Lead conversion is vital to meeting sales objectives. If you lack in leads, chances are you lack in sales. Once you’ve mastered driving traffic to your website, blog and landing pages, you must find a way to convert those visitors into leads.

This transitional success lies in your opt-in offer. It must be high in value and enticing enough for your audience to be willing to exchange it for their contact information. If the offer is value-packed, it’s a no-brainer for your visitor to give up the goods!

“If you aren’t educating your
buyers, someone else is.”

The suggestions below will give you six proven offering types that convert leads online. The goal is to help your potential buyers move forward in their buying journey. To do so requires you to create information that educates and answers their questions. If you aren’t educating your buyers, someone else is. Here are two key elements to keep in mind during the creation of your offerings:

First, be clear about who your target market is, or the group of people you’re aiming to reach in your marketing. Creating buyer personas is perhaps the best way to zero in on this concept because you’ll have a better understanding of your market while producing content that speaks directly to where they are in their buying journey. Your ability to do so defines high and low-value offerings and is the difference between “no-brainer” and “no way”.

Second, include a call to action at the end of each (blog) post, video, or social media message. Take the opportunity to tell your audience exactly what to do next…to either click on a link that leads to your lead capture page, to comment below or to share with their network. Give them clear directions and leave no room for error and keeping your content from being a dead-end.

6 Compelling Offerings


#1infographics Infographics

Visual images of your content, or infographics, provide substantial benefits to your market including countering information overload, being able to process easily the concepts illustrated, and the ability to connect with various audiences. You see, images allow you to get your message across faster. Plus Google searches on infographic have increased dramatically…meaning, more traffic for you.


#2checklists Checklists

People enjoy checklists because they’re short, straight to the point, and easy to follow. These “cheat sheets” are quick guides to completing those potentially long-drawn-out tasks quickly. Fortunately, they do not require a lot of time to create!


#3webinar How-to Video or Webinar

Video demonstrations and trainings are excellent ways to educate potential buyers because you can wrap so much content and value in these sessions. Your company has tons of information to share…why not show it in a live, video training? Consider the common problems your market experiences and give the solutions through video. Webinars via apps like and Google Hangouts are great platforms to use and promote your offering.


#4PDF eBook (PDF file)

Free reports are perhaps the most common offerings. They include white papers, case studies, and eBooks. They are authoritative reports or guides that help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. These resources are a great way to add credibility and continue to educate potential customers. The most successful resources are consistent with the blog content message where you place your offer. For example, if your blog topic is “how to convert leads online”, the eBook could discuss what to do with those leads once you have them. 


#5Templates Templates

This source can is great regardless of the niche or industry you serve. If your company has a template, that is used to fulfill a common task that solves a problem, package it to for use as a lead offer. Examples include budget spreadsheets, daily accomplishment (agenda) sheets, blog post templates, recipes…anything that makes it easier to allow the users to “plug and chug” information.


#6video Boot Camp Series (Audio or Video) 

These can provide great value because you can take on more complex topics and break them up over time. You can use these as selling opportunities to show customers what to do in detail. Offering an audio and video series will establish leadership in your marketplace.

Implementing any of these offers will help you convert leads online. The key is to start with one offering and implement it well. Measure your results and see what converts the best. Conversions are obviously one of the most important metrics for measuring the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.



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