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How To Convert Web Traffic To Leads and Track Snapping Turtles

By Andy Mullins on February 11, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Lead Conversion
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Tracking Snapping Turtles

One year at the Tulsa State Fair, I watched people fish from a platform above a giant glass fish tank. It allowed people around the tank to watch the fishing process. I suppose it was to sell fishing lures. It was a great perspective on what’s going on below the surface of the water, a view that fishermen never see.

I fished a lot as a kid. One time I was fishing with some friends and had just put my pole down to whittle a stick or skip rocks when one of our bobbers disappeared beneath the water, and the entire pole went dragging in after it. I don’t remember who rushed in to grab the pole, but when they did, the fishing line broke just above the bobber. The bobber stayed under water for a few minutes before resurfacing on another side of the pond. Soon after it surfaced, we saw the head of a giant snapping turtle surface with it. There was much celebration; we had caught a snapping turtle!… sort of. Regardless of whether we actually caught it, knowing the location of a creature that could bite off your foot was very valuable information.(full turtle story here)

“80% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy.”-

Much like tracking the snapping turtle with the bobber or watching someone fish in a glass fish tank, it’s common knowledge that businesses can track visitors on their website. Ignoring the “Big Brother” issues, it’s a unique time in the history of marketing. In most cases, businesses use the information they gain from tracking to improve their marketing and products and services. For instance, Google’s search engine uses this information to help people find the best possible search results. But, even with all of this technology, there is a still a big difference between monitoring traffic and being able to convert traffic to leads. Take this statistic from, “80% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy.” That is a lot of visitors that are not buyers.

Other statistics show that visitors will make 60% of their buying decision before ever making contact with a sales person. It’s a frustrating experience to invest in a website, social media, AdWords, email campaigns, etc… and not be able to convert web traffic to leads. So, how can you (a marketer or business owner) engage the 80% during the first 60% of their buying decision and convert them to leads?


Educate To Convert Visitors To Leads

These “not buying visitors” want to be educated. They are searching the Internet for credible sources of information to help them make buying decisions. In simplest terms, if you want them as a customer, you must first become the resource that delivers the information they need. Next, you move them into your sales funnel by exchanging the information they need for some level of interaction; an email address, a blog comment, a social media follow, etc… These interactions earn trust and in time transform visitors from being just an IP address into a real person and eventually a customer.


Delivering Results With Analytics & Automation

The right analytics will enable you to track visitors as they engage with you along multiple online marketing channels. Automation tools can then help you deliver the right information to them at the right time to help move them along in their buying journey. It’s also important to track and report the metrics that impact your bottom-line. Check out our resources page for more information on Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Wants To Hear. has quickly become my favorite tool for managing online marketing campaigns because it has the CRM, content management, analytics and automation all in one place.

It’s a good bit of work to create valuable information, track visitor interaction and move them through your sales funnel. But, businesses are doing it every day. If you need help or have more questions, check out our resources page, watch for more blogs or reach out to me via phone or email.


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