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5 Foolproof Social Media Practices for Your Medium-Sized Business

By Andy Mullins on September 13, 2016 in social media
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These Social Media Practices Are Foolproof

Not every company has the social media practices and budget to pull off crazy stunts that go viral overnight. If you’re running a medium-sized business, your lack of shock value can actually be used in your favor and in favor of your followers online.

We’ve collected 5 foolproof social media practices you should follow to delight your followers and expand your brand awareness.

1. Aim for Loyalty – Quality Turns Into Quantity

According to Dovev Goldstein, CEO of, going viral isn’t necessarily a good plan for your small to medium sized business. Instead, your SMB should aim at creating loyalty among followers across all social media platforms.

“You should think of social media practices like real-life relationships,” says Goldstein. “Social media marketing won’t necessarily provide immediate value, it will be more effective to invest consistently small amounts of time over a longer period than putting all your efforts into one huge campaign.”

When you engage and reward your loyal followers, the quality they’re encountering will ultimately be much more effective at increasing the quantity of your brand’s awareness.

2. Go Local – Improve Your Community

In order to add quality to your follower-engagement on social media, Goldstein also notes the importance of capitalizing on your location. “This is a way for you to harness the power of your local customer base without implementing a costly mobile solution.”

If your business is anything like most other small to medium sized businesses, you aren’t necessarily able to throw tubs of money into your social media strategies.  A frugal yet effective social media strategy is to get involved in your community, sharing posts and retweeting content that will benefit your followers in your city.

75% of business engaging in social media practices reported an increase in traffic. When logging on to your social accounts, think about improving the local community first in order to boost traffic online and in your locations. Over time, your brand can become synonymous with improving the quality of life in your city simply because of the information you provide and share online.

3. Provide Value—Give Followers What They Want

According to Moz’s Guide to Social Media, one of the worst social media mistakes your company can make is to only post promotional materials. It’s best to incorporate a balance that gives your followers a reason to keep coming back besides finding out what you’re selling.

Your followers are following your accounts for a reason. Reward them for sharing their interest in your company by providing them interesting articles they’ll benefit from reading. Incorporate tips and tricks that will make your followers’ lives easier. Over time, they’ll come to know you as not just a service or product pusher, but also a trusted authority on helpful information.

4. Brand Similarly Across Platforms – Don’t Confuse Your Followers

No matter which social media platform your followers are using to check in on your company at any given time, it’s important they receive the same tone and voice throughout every platform. If you have different employees managing different social media accounts, make sure internal conversations are happening that create uniformity.

While different social media platforms may be best for different kinds of content, there are a few staples of your brand that must remain consistent no matter which website is hosting your account.

Your logo and tagline, for example, shouldn’t vary throughout platforms. It should noted, however, that different sites’ photography hosting require different pixels in order for your photos and logo to look their best. Make sure your social media handlers are paying attention which size picture or video file goes onto which site.

5. Keep Your Frequency Modest

Your online followers have demonstrated trust in your company by following you on social media. Why punish them by spamming their feeds with too much content? Warren Buffet noted, “It takes 20 years to build a good reputation and only 5 minutes to ruin it.” Let this maxim inform your company approach to social media and particularly the frequency with which you post content online.

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