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Gary Vee Keynotes Inbound 2016

By Andy Mullins on November 23, 2016 in Inbound Marketing, Hubspot, social media
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Hubspot’s annual Inbound conference takes place in the city where Hubspot was founded, Boston, Massachusetts. The conference boasts an incredible assortment of remarkable content, networking opportunities, education/training, and entertainment.

Thousands of attendees come to enjoy a few days soaking up Boston’s fall air and Hubspot’s next wave of marketing dominance. As for Inbound 2016, which took place November 8-11, guests were treated to some of the best keynote speakers in the conference’s history.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Inbound 2016’s First Keynote

If you’re not already familiar with his resume, Gary Vaynerchuk gained notoriety after he took his father’s $3 million/year wine business and transformed it into a $60 million/year wine business utilizing many of the methods Hubspot has come to organize into Inbound Marketing.

Vaynerchuk (often referred to as “Gary Vee” as his last name seems to have too many syllables for our fast-paced world) was among the first to spearhead using social media for marketing and branding. His keynote contained plenty of laughs and many helpful perspectives for understanding where Inbound is headed next. Here are a few highlights from his talk.

The New Television

Gary’s known for jumping around to different topics throughout the same keynote, but it’s usually because he has too many good things to say. One of the more poignant moments of the evening took place when Gary held up his smartphone, which he usually takes on stage with him when he speaks, and said, “This is now the television, and the television is now the radio.”

Going further in his analogy, Gary likened social media platforms such as Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to major networks like ABC, NBC, and CBS. “The businesses and individuals who create the best shows on those platforms will win.” Highlighting the exodus from television commercials to Inbound marketing, Gary noted the importance of diving headfirst into the Inbound Methodology before those very same television networks realize they’ve been “wasting 80 billion dollars” on commercials that, if not fast-forwarded through, play to rooms full of people looking at their phones.

The Collision of Creative & Science

Known also for being aware of this audience, Gary addressed the juxtaposition of creatives and scientists working alongside one another in marketing. Rather than being opposed to one another, Gary suggested each person’s current fascination, be it art or data, be coupled with an understanding of how the other extreme could be utilized to improve their companies.

Try to Go Out of Business

“Put yourself out of business, or someone else will,” Gary shouted at one point in his talk. Of course, if he hadn’t already had everyone’s attention, this statement surely took care of anyone who could’ve somehow been distracted.

After exclaiming the statement, Gary went on to explain his point, “Greyhound should have invented Uber. Marriott should have invented Airbnb.” Gary was adamant about the necessity of looking at the next platforms and adjusting to stay thriving in business rather than Blockbustering your way into bankruptcy.

You can view these anecdotes and the rest of Gary’s keynote at Inbound 2016 here.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The smart phone is the new television, and television is now the radio.
  2. Whether you prefer art or science, learn how the other can help you.
  3. “Put yourself out of business, or someone else will.” –Gary Vee

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