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Confessions from Potential Customers

By Andy Mullins on March 3, 2015 in Inbound Marketing
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Dear Business Owners & Marketing People,

We must confess, we trash your postcards, skip your commercials, screen your calls, block your feed, unsubscribe and tune you out. We know you spend a lot of money on this stuff and we know you are waiting for us to call you. It’s nothing personal. We’re just so busy, and your ads constantly interrupt our lives.

When we want to enjoy a sunset your billboard blocks the view, your commercials interrupt our shows, your spam clogs our inbox, and you’re ads asking us to “like you” are just pathetic. On top of being rude, your ads are not the credible, unbiased source of information we need to make our lives easier or better. And… since we are being honest, we don’t trust your sales people either. We like to research things ourselves and our favorite search engine puts all the information we need at arms length.

We trash your postcards, skip your commercials, screen your calls, block your feed, unsubscribe and tune you out.


Unless of course you have something to add to the infomation… Hey, there’s an idea.  You could use the Internet too. Not to ask us for “likes” or to interrupt us with more ads. Maybe just provide us some helpful information on how make educated buying decisions. Have you seen The Miracle on 34th Street? Specifically the part where Santa Claus tells shoppers to go to the department store’s competitors to find better pricing or selection? Could you be helpful like that? Ok, maybe not turning away sales, but if you could be genuinely interested in helping us instead of constantly interrupting and manipulating us, that would be great.

We were just on your competitor’s blog. It was very helpful. We even downloaded a free pdf that it was even more useful. Sure, we gave them our email address, but they didn’t add us to any spammy lists. They did send us some stuff; but, it’s like they know our next question before we even ask. It’s a little creepy, but very valuable information. We asked why they were so accommodating. They said it was called Inbound Marketing and something about “helping customers find the stuff they need when they need it”. Maybe you could try something like that.


Your Potential Customers

p.s. We know ads, and cold calls aren’t going away anytime soon, and we know that you’re afraid… you’re afraid of change. We don’t know the future. We didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. We came here to tell you how things are changing and that maybe you should go online and search: Inbound Marketing.



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