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How To Avoid File #13

Valuable Tool or
Wasted Resource?

Are your brochures, flyers, business cards, catalogs etc… playing a strong supporting roll in your brand strategy?  Are they unique? Do they communicate your message clearly?  What is their purpose? Are they an effective tool for closing sales? repeat business? pushing clients to your website? Do people remember you business or product because of them?

As the lion share of your marketing budget swings toward internet marketing and everything is being replaced by a digital version, Your print collateral could still have a strong supporting role to play in your marketing plan.  Mediocre collateral however, should have no place in your strategy.  What is mediocre collateral? Anything that isnt unique, doesn’t effectively educate your client, generate revenue or support your brand.

Be Uncommon

First you need a plan to know what role print will play, second you need to make sure your printed collateral pieces are the best they can be.  The old faithful tri-fold won’t cut it any longer. Printing is inexpensive these days with the advance in digital printing.  Your print piece should be uncommon, strategic and ON BRAND to successfully fulfill it’s roll in your marketing plan.

Brochures, Business Cards, Flyers, Magazine Advertisements etc… If it can be printed we are here to help make sure it is unique, strategic and ON BRAND helping you communicate effectively with your target audience giving you the best bang for your advertising dollar.

T-Shirts & Other Ad Specialties

T-shirts are a great print media because people actually wear your advertising. If you have a shirt style and a design that people will wear. Most advertising tees these days become car wash fodder. We have over 20 years creating custom t-shirt designs that people will wear. This means you get the maximum return for your investment.

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