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Who Actually Reads Blogs? 5 Common Questions About Blogging

By Andy Mullins on May 15, 2015 in Inbound Marketing, Google, Blogging
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Who Reads Blogs?

I had a great question today from a client.

He asked, “So, who reads blogs?”.

I had to laugh because, to be honest, I don’t read blogs. Not in the sense of the couple in the photo above, ie., just for the sheer pleasure of reading blogs. I read them to learn. I have a short list of people I follow and if a headline catches my attention I skim the headlines and sometimes dig into the meat of the article. Mostly, I end up reading blogs I have found from searching for answers to a question I have.

So, the audience you are marketing to online may not be avid blog readers either. That’s ok, I would bet that they still search Google when they have a problem to solve. If you’ve written a blog about their specific problem, Google may serve up your blog post as the best answer or solution. Now, there are many complex variables that define how well your blog post will rank. I won’t go into those now, but the rule of thumb is search engines love blog posts.


“Should my Blog post be full of keywords?”

Another good question. There are two sides of this coin. First and foremost write for the reader. Consider the problem you are solving or question you are answering and use the words that come naturally. Keywords are important, so consider them in your content, but don’t force them awkwardly into your article. Google’s most recent algorithms are learning to pick up on “ideas” rather than just a keyword. You see people are searching ideas not just a single word. It is very common for someone to search entire sentences in questions form like, “should my blog post be full of keywords?”. These types of keywords are called “long-tail keywords“.


How often should I blog?

So, the next question is always, “how often should I blog?”. Statistically, two blog posts per week or more seem to get the most traction. But, a good rule of thumb is to blog as often as you want to be found.


“What should you blog about?”

Focus on adding value and answering the specific types of questions that your customers ask on a regular basis. Tell stories, and give “how-to’s”.


“What is the difference between writing for marketing and writing for my blog?”

A blog can be a powerful tool in your inbound marketing strategy, but a blog should not be full of marketing jargon and sales pitches. Your blog should help people, doing so will establish trust and position you as a leader in your industry.


So, to summarize it’s not necessarily about building a list of followers that is waiting for every word that falls from your …keyboard. It’s more about telling your story, putting your solutions, answers and ideas out there. Making them available for those who are looking for answers. Along the way you may develop a group of avid followers who just “love your blog”.

Start blogging today or hire someone to help you. You won’t regret it.

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